With the average family holiday costing in excess of £2000 it is not surprising why families all across the United Kingdom are looking for ways in which they can save money.  We have provided some valuable money saving information.

Tip 1: Best deals on travel money

The golden piece of advice would be to never wait until you get to the airport before changing your money.  The rate that you can expect will be the lowest; instead head to your local travel agent on the high street or better still your bank.  There are lots of websites available to you that will help you compare exchange rates so that you can quickly identify whether the bank or bureau de change is the cheapest before heading out the front door.

Tip 2: Best deals on spending when abroad

Once you have arrived at your chosen destination it can be very easy to go inside your purse or wallet and use your debit card at the large number of cash machines that will be available to you.  But did you know that every time you use your card it will cost you an extra 5-6%?  You can get round this by opting to use your credit card as it charges nothing.  But it goes without saying that you should attempt to pay off the whole of your credit card balance every month or you will be paying significant amounts on interest.

In addition to this do not fall for the trick where the sales assistance will offer to convert the sale into sterling.  What she is actually saying to you is “Can I take some more money off you?”

Tip 3: Best deals on travel insurance

The travel insurance industry may not agree here but travel insurance can be pointless most of the time especially if you are just on a short trip.  An Ehic card will cover you for all medical costs so is worth considering.

If you are however going away for more than a short break then refer to the travel comparison sites to search for travel insurance.  It is worth noting that you should not always go for the cheapest but the one that offers the best benefits at the best price.  Always check with your bank first as many bank packages offer this to their customers.

Tip 4: Best deals on your flight

Did you know that if you can fly on a Tuesday, do so because it can be up to 35% cheaper than if you were to travel on a Friday.  In addition to this do not come back on a Sunday as you can expect flights to be 45% more expensive than any other day.  Bizarrely there are lots of people that assume they have to come back on the same airline they flew out on.  This is nothing wrong with mixing and matching in order to get the best prices for you.

You can expect budget airlines to have their cheapest prices two to three months in advance of your flight and as the time gets closer the cost will start to rise.  Whereas package holidays work in the opposite way.



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