We are only a matter of weeks away before Samsung reveal the next phone to add to their portfolio of leading Android phones at the prestigious Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.  So what do we already know about this phone?  The truth to be told is that we don’t really know much about it and there is already lots of speculation as to what wonderful features it will have.

We have to admit it is great fun looking at leaks and rumours that come from all directions and collectively we eat up all this because it is fantastic knowing as much as possible about what is likely to become the phone of the year.

With a well documented history of using plastic in their phones it is very easy to spot a Samsung from the crowd due to its glossy surface in an array of colours that have incredible depth to each of them, very similar to the paint on cars.  The casing of the Galaxy S4 was extremely flexible and responded very well to any scuffs and drops than other phones may not have been able to handle.  Unfortunately this can give people the impression that these phones are made cheaply as they are ever so light to handle.

This design has been replicated on all other Galaxy phones with exception to the Note three and the Note ten (2014 edition) that featured a textured plastic that had a very close resemblance to leather that was designed to eliminate complaints from Samsung users that these phones were slippery.

There are rumours that the Samsung S5 will come in both versions but is likely to feature a metallic surface to give it a premium look and feel?

While there are some phone providers such as Motorola that state that the specification is not the most important part of the phone, we have to disagree because it is very hard to not see get excited about the Snapdragon processor that the Samsung S5 is rumoured to have.

Sources advise that this upcoming flagship phone will have a larger and crisper 5.2 inch display and notably this is in line with the recently leaked image of a screenshot of this Smartphone.  Furthermore it is suggested that this phone will come with a much better battery and camera although specific details are not yet available.

One thing that will be welcomed by many is that it is suggested that the price of the Galaxy S5 will be much lower than its predecessors, but the actual pricing is likely to be launched at the event.

Lots of users are likely to appreciate this waterproof and dustproof device as it will be able to withhold the force of spending short spells being dunked in water.  This is in line with the recent teaser from a German website providing snippets of the phones capabilities.

We will not truly know what the Samsung S5 has to offer but we only have to wait until the end of February when all eyes with be on the moment this flagship phone is unveiled.



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