Look forward to the summer and start organising your 2014 holidays as we take a look at some of the ultimate places to visit this year.  Some of these are hosting large and exciting events whereas many are chosen because they are inspiring and exciting places to visit.

Cape Town, South Africa

CAPEIt has followed in the toes of Seoul and Helsinki, this destination has been nominated as the World Design Capital 2014 providing it with the chance to display over four hundred and fifty innovation projects.  The fact it has been selected as “one to watch” makes it ever more exciting.  When exploring the city visit one of Luke Dale-Roberts’ restaurants; Test Kitchen & Pot Luck Club and Gallery this city certainly oozes style and sophistication.

Austin, Texas, United States


The Americans are already fully aware that Austin is the coolest city in Texas but there are a few things happening this year to ensure that Austin is a chosen destination for international visitors too.  In fact British Airways (BA) now provides a direct flight from Heathrow to Austin and this is available five days out of seven.  In addition to this the trendy Habita chain of hotels have an impending opening in Austin and healthy food company, Whole Foods are excited about its first ever health resort.  So as you can see there are lots of fantastic reasons to take a trip to Texas and Austin in particular.

Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom

brownsAll visitors that visit the sea side resort of Laugharne in 2014 on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dylan Thomas and can provide proof it is also their birthday are entitled to a pint of beer for free in Brown’s Hotel which is the one and only watering hole where Thomas would sit and provide his liver with a work out.  All year round you can expect lots of festivals to mark this occasion.


Kolkata, India

kolkataVisitors of 2014 will enjoy a city that is well and truly on the go.  There is an airport terminal which has recently opened, a luxury shopping mall and the first skyscraper of Kolkata.  The development which is just slightly shorter than London’s Canary Wharf which has been named the “Cloud-Kisser of Chowringhee” after the road it resides over.  The original metro system in Kolkata is being expanded since it first opened in the year 1984.  When the expansion is complete it will create the first cross-town link.  On top of this there are a number of new hotels opening such as the Glenburn Tea Estate.

Sao Tome and Principe

saoTogether these neighbouring islands may form Africa’s second smallest community but they are both starting to become one of the premium surf spots to be seen at.  With its quiet and uncrowded waters which are surrounded by beautiful palm trees and clear sands it is not surprising why these islands are a must and form part of our top destinations to visit in 2014.  The International Surfing Association gave these islands its stamp of approval as they were invited to become the 78th member.



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