perder-peso-rapidoFor those looking to improve their health and want to lose weight, inevitably there are some foods that should be avoided such as chocolate, sweets and savoury treats as the majority of these foods are unhealthy and contain active ingredients that we know will cause an increase in weight.

But there are some problematic foods that are not as obvious but are usually the reason why many people struggle to lose weight without realising.

We have identified below five foods you should avoid and try and not eat when you want to lose weight:

White Bread

A staple item in all homes but if the truth was to be told this provides you with very little nutritional value.  It contains a significant amount of sugar and will not keep you full until lunch time so within a couple of hours of eating toast for breakfast you are bound  to find yourself reaching out for unhealthy snacks later on in the morning.

If you still want to eat bread while losing weight it is recommended that your swap white bread for whole grain alternatives wherever possible.

Fried Foods

This is not likely to be something that you are not already aware of, but if you do want to avoid piling on the pounds then avoid these foods which again provide very little nutritional value and in the long run they can cause serious issues to your health.

Fried foods are known to cause high blood pressure accompanied by high cholesterol, both are the causes of heart attacks and strokes.  It is also proven that if you eat too much fried food it can upset your digestive system which can lead to acid reflux and also gas pains and in worse case scenarios irritable bowel syndrome.

If you do find the need to fry your food, consider baking with a small amount of oil.

Cream Based Salad Dressings

As we know salads are known to be healthy and give you a satisfying meal in a small amount of calories.  However where people fail is that they turn to cream based dressings to add flavour.  So unfortunately a healthy salad can quickly be very bad for you when they are drenched in these cream dressings such as salad cream and mayonnaise as they tend to contain lots of fat.

White Rice

A common food found in lots of recipes and also a popular dish, many people think that rice is healthy but the nutritional value is completely dependent on the type of rice that you choose.  Crucially white rice is very similar to white bread in that it will hold on to excess fat it simply does not need which makes it difficult to lose weight.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Is a sweetener that is commonly found in pasta sauce and processed foods.  In fact there is a heated debate whether high fructose corn syrup is good for you or not but there is compelling evidence to suggest that it can stimulate your sugar craving.



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