If you were worth millions of pounds, what would you buy yourself?  Consider yourself as a mega famous film star then you may be tempted to purchase a trip to the moon or using teen heart throb, Justin Bieber, as an example, a very expensive Halloween prop.

We have dug deep and found some of the most elaborate celebrity purchases but these are just a few of the most extravagant buys:


Daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter is only a mere few months old and she already has everything that a girl could ever wish for and this includes a crystal bath tub.  Yes you heard right, little Blue Ivy has been showered with some of the most expensive gifts that people would only ever dream of receiving in their entire life.

Another outrageous gift includes a sterling silver Tiffany brush to be put in her two thousand square foot nursery.

Ashton Kutcher

The estranged husband of Demi Moore forked out $200,000 so he could be the 500th customer of Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo.  He has yet to set a date of when he is going to fly towards the final frontier.  It was originally advised that space flights would start in the year 2013, so let’s hope 2014 is the year that his dreams come true.

Tamara Ecclestone

She may be the daughter of Formula One Bernie Ecclestone but she has been reported to spend a large amount of money so that she can have a bath in style.  Her luxury bath tub is said to carry an $800,000 price tag due to it being made out of rock crystal.  The cost associated with turning the crystal into a bathtub is what makes this so expensive and out of our reach.

Donald Trump

Someone else who loves to splash out on bathroom items is Donald Trump who spent millions renovating his Boeing 757 which he purchased from Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.  He was quick to improve this aircraft with gold covered seat belts, a Rolls Royce engine and even gold plated faucets.

George Lucas

Probably one of the most bizarre purchases has to be buying your own fire brigade.  The brain behind Star Wars has a brigade that consists of twelve full time fire-fighters, a couple of volunteers and two fire trucks.

Jennifer Aniston

We have to admit that Jennifer always looks amazing whenever she walks down the red carpet but what is her secret?  Not only does she spend $385 a week on pre-made meals that have been approved by her dietician but she spends significant amounts of money on eyebrow shaping and yoga classes.

Justin Bieber

We quickly mentioned early on that Justin Bieber spent over $5,000 on a Halloween costume.  He commissioned a Los Angeles based jewellers to create a gold grill that was custom made for him.  The mouth piece may have looked full of bling but is an expensive fashion accessory.

As you can clearly see celebrities do have more money than sense.



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